South Jordan Sports and Spine Rehabilitation

Proper body alignment matters to everyone, not just athletes. Not only does it affect a person’s athletic performance, it also affects one’s functional movement and overall health. A body out of alignment runs the risk of easily sustaining injuries during physical activities. It also keeps other systems and mechanisms from working efficiently. 

How can you start working on a symmetrical posture? Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine can help you with that. We’re the trusted sports and spine rehabilitation clinic in South Jordan. As the sought-after name in sports injury treatments, you can count on us to help you be a step closer to better body alignment, performance, function, and health. 

Sports Rehab/Prehab

Hundreds of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts use our sports performance technology. The Fusionetics Human Performance System delivers amazing results and is designed to maximize movements. 

Using cutting-edge technology, Fusionetics developed the system to reduce the risk of injuries, enhance recovery, and boost athletic performance. It involves exercises that are proven to improve posture and function and thorough assessments and monitoring of the athlete’s condition. 
Backed by research, input from sports medicine professionals, coaches, and athletes, as well as repeated field testing, the technology has helped sports celebrities optimize their performance. 

Corrective Exercise

If you want to level up your exercise regimen, it’s smart to start by correcting your body alignment. In doing so, you begin to improve how you exercise. We don’t ignore bad movement; we fix it. Corrective Exercise is an effective way to do it. 

Our physicians are certified in Corrective Exercise under the National Academy of Sports Medicine. We know that poor movement can lead to more serious problems and injuries. We’ll offer treatments to prevent these problems from slowing you down. 

Alignment and movement are crucial to performance. Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine rehab clinic can help you fix any problem and get the most out of both.