"I am a professional MMA fighterand I have been coming to Chiro Fusion for a while now. I came because with my previous injuries from wrestling in college there was nothing I could find that would give me any kind of relief from my neck. My neck was constantly and chronically in pain and I tried almost everything out there. After talking to Dr. Adams and learning about what he does, it gave me hope that I could finally get it fixed. Since then, no matter how banged up I get in the gym, no matter how hard someone wrenches on it,he can put me back together and keep me up and going; which is essential to further my career and getting me to where I need to be within my sport." 
-- JT

The doctors at Chiro Fusion Sport & Spine in South Jordan have experience in several types of sports performance therapies however none are as effective as the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM).  FDM is the cutting edge treatment to find what is wrong and fix it fast!  Here are some common injuries we treat using FDM. Both doctors are full-body certified.


What we offer you at Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine sports rehab....

Corrective Exercise Specialists

Every BODY has issues. We don't ignore bad movement. We fix it. Muscle imbalances lead to poor movement. Poor movement leads to injuries. Our doctors can help prevent those injuries as they are Corrective Exercise Specialists certified through the NASM.

kinesiology taping

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic has long since been thought of as the "go to" treatment for any musculoskeletal injury.  It's safe, effective and affordable for patients of all ages. Our board certified Chiropractic Physicians employ several different types of chiropractic adjustments including drop table and McKenzie method, among others, which will meet your needs with ease! At Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine of South Jordan our physicians are both board certified chiropractic physicians



Dr. Adams is a Mobility Specialist through Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and also a certified KinStretch level I Instructor. KinStretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. KinStretch utilizes the scientifically proven principles of Functional Range Conditioning and applies them to Kinetic Stretching. 

Benefits include: 

  • Build greater body awareness. 
  • Learn to utilize your diaphragm like the muscle it is, and develop better breathing. 
  • Prevent injuries, by familiarizing your body with all ranges of motion, not only the mid ranges.
  • Move better in every activity. Feel better in your daily life. 

Kinesiology Taping

We are Level 3 Certified. Ideal for athletes, but works for many different types of cases. It is specifically used to:

  • ​Promote circulation and healing
  • ​Re-educate the neuromuscular system
  • ​Optimize performance
  • Reduce pain
  • ​Prevent injury

Sports Prehab/Rehab

Alignment and symmetry are essential for proper functional movement, not just for athletes, but for everyone.  Our sports performance technology is used by professional athletes all over the world with amazing results! Find out more here. 

So you've stretched and foam rolled..... Now what? The doctors at Chiro Fusion Sport & Spine in South Jordan are also fully certified in FRC or Functional Range Conditioning. FRC is a scientific system of training to expand usable function range of motion. FRC=MOBILITY. FRC integrates flexibility into Functional Movement patterns. This leads to agility and joint stability. Benefits of FRC include: injury prevention, rehabilitation from injury, strength development, improved athletic function, and joint health. FRC give usable, controlled range of motion that lasts longer than stretching alone.