KinStretch Classes offered Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6 pm and Friday's at noon

 ​at Chiro Fusion Sport & Spine

968 W. South Jordan Pkwy, Suite B

South Jordan

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Chiro Fusion's Dr. Adams is a Level I certified KinStretch Instructor. Dr. Adams is also an Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a Mobility Specialist through Function Range Conditioning. 
KinStretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion.

Benefits include: 

  • Build greater body awareness. 
  • Learn to utilize your diaphragm like the muscle it is, and develop better breathing. 
  • Prevent injuries, by familiarizing your body with all ranges of motion, not only the mid ranges. 
  • Move better in every activity. Feel better in your daily life. 

KinStretch utilizes the scientifically proven principles of Functional Range Conditioning and applies them to Kinetic Stretching. These principles work to ensure you greater ranges of motion in your joints, stronger joint tissue and greater movement capacity in all your ranges of motion. The culmination yields an autonomy of movement like you’ve never experienced.

KinStretch is FRC principles meant for one-on-one instruction into a group-class format. 

KinStretch is much more than stretching. Not only does it open up new ranges of motion for your joints, but it teaches your body how to control the new ranges. Rather than being an alternative to other forms of exercise, mobility, or flexibility programs, KinStretch is a system that prepares you for all these other things. So if you want to strength train, run, play capoeira, do yoga, etc. then KinStretch will help ensure that your joints can handle the movements and exercises involved in these activities. It will also help maintain and improve joint function for overall well-being and longevity.