"As a world class athlete I depend on experts like Dr. Adams and Dr. Kemp to stay as healthy as possible so i can perform my best in my sport. Despite the tremendous stress and beating I put my body through in training, Chiro Fusion helps me maintain my ability to continuously compete against the best strength athletes in the world. Their understanding of applied kinesiology and the fascial distortion model is priceless to me as a serious athlete and honestly without them my 16 year long power lifting career would probably be over by now.Since I began working with Dr. Adams and Dr. Kemp, I have set several power lifting world records and won a National Championship to go along with my gold at the Olympia in my weight class.I am most impressed with their ability to help me heal fast from muscular and tendon related inflammation. Fascial Distortion is new to a lot of people out there, and Chiro Fusion is the only place where experts can apply this model properly. I would recommend Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine in Utah to anyone...not just elite athletes."
-- CM

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