Please don't take chances with your health. It is not normal or required to live your life in pain.  Take charge of your own health, you will be surprised how quickly your body can and will respond to the ChiroFusion model of treatment.  If you find your self saying "I think this pain will go away on its own," you could be setting your self up for a long, painful , frustrating road.  Why wait?   Call now!


We are NOT your "normal" chiropractic physicians. Our physicians have additional and specialized training in sport specific injuries, common day-to-day pains, and everything in between. Our goal is to get you better faster, and not draw out a long-term treatment plan for you. Our entire team is composed of passionate, knowledgeable, friendly people who are ready to assist you with a smile!



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Our main priorities are finding out whats wrong with you, and getting you fixed as soon as possible!  We have a unique approach to evaluating and treating pain and injuries, an approach tailored specifically for each patient.  Our goals at Chiro Fusion Sport and Spine of Sandy Utah are to get you back enjoying the life you are meant to live without long, drawn out treatment plans. 


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"I started coming to Chiro Fusion when I was pregnant, with some bad round ligament pains.I went from extreme pain with every step to walking pain-free in one visit. I have been to my share of chiropractors and the work that they do at Chrio Fusion is so liberating and actually alleviates my chronic pain. Chiro Fusion has made it possible for me to meet the demands necessary as a mom of two kids. I have been treatment by both doctors and am extremely impressed with the work that both of them provide. I have never had a doctor that was willing to spend the amount of time working with me as they do. They have truly been heroes for me. I feel better than I have in the last 5 years."
-- CU